Trust Summary

by Melkies Trust

The Melkies Trust extends a warm invitation to parents to actively participate in the school community, leveraging their unique talents to enrich the educational experience for all. Whether organizing events, offering trade expertise, or contributing professional skills, every parent's involvement is valued for fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment for students.

Parents are encouraged to become members of the elite Trust circle, contributing to the school's infrastructure improvements, scholarships, academic fund, and development resources.

Membership options include:
• Blue Member with a monthly payment of R50

• Silver Member with a yearly payment of R600
• Gold Member with an unlimited membership for R5000, which includes placing their child's name on a brick in the new clubhouse.

See our banking details under articles.

Donations qualifying for tax deductions will be issued to members.
In return, Trust members enjoy various incentives and rewards, such as naming opportunities, exclusive access to events, personalized acknowledgments, Melkies Trust name badges, free water at events, special events tents at sports functions, and umbrellas with the school logo for winter sports (available to Gold members only).

Regular communication updates on fund utilisation and developments at Melkbos High School.
Looking ahead to 2024, the Melkies Trust sets ambitious goals encompassing academic, sports, and cultural scholarships, support for less privileged students, and numerous infrastructure improvements. These include upgrading sports facilities – see full article under page.

The broader vision includes financial aid, technology upgrades, teacher development, extracurricular support, and community outreach.

As a dedicated financial source, the Trust aims to empower Melkbosstrand High School to adapt to the changing educational landscape and prepare students for success in an ever-evolving world.

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